H&H Quickie #18: Tessa Bailey’s “Penalty Kiss” H&H Quickie #18: Tessa Bailey’s “Penalty Kiss” Tessa Bailey “This box is taken,” Jessie called, waving him off. “Come back another time.” <i>Three Sweet Nothings</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Three Sweet Nothings: Exclusive Excerpt Nikki Sloane "I traced the tip of my tongue over her neck and up..." <i>The Edge of the Blade</i>: Exclusive Excerpt The Edge of the Blade: Exclusive Excerpt Jeffe Kennedy "When he opened his mouth, a hard look in his eye..." <i>Can't Stop Loving You</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Can't Stop Loving You: Exclusive Excerpt Miranda Liasson "All Bella’s critical body parts were humming..."
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December 9, 2016
Friday Beefcake: A Love Letter to the Men of Timeless
Team H & H
December 8, 2016
Royal Obsession
Tiffany Tyer
December 7, 2016
Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us Is a GoodReads Choice Winner for a Reason
December 7, 2016
Are Romantic Comedies on Their Way Back?
December 7, 2016
10 Romances Featuring Characters Who Are 35+
Scandal, Natasha Moore, Karen Booth, Patricia Kiyono, Alexa Rowan, Linda Rettstatt, Shana Gray, Morgan Malone, Josie Kerr and Sela Carsen
Dec 9 2016 4:35pm

Friendly Neighborhood News & Deals from Meredith Russo, Spider-Man Trailer & More!

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

If I Was Your Girl by Meredith RussoDeal Alert: Meredith Russo's LGBTQ YA romance If I Was Your Girl—in which new-girl-in-school Amanda finds herself falling for sweet-and-easygoing Grant, but worries what'll happen if she tells her crush she used to be Andrew—is on sale for $2.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Amazon | etc.* H&H blogger JohnJacobson's Brief Guide to Transgender Terminology in Romance offers words to use and avoid when reviewing, writing, and discussing romance with transgender characters.

Deal Alert: Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, et al.'s historical holiday anthology The Last Chance Christmas Ball—also featuring stories from fellow Word Wenches Joanna Bourne, Patricia Rice, Nicola Cornick, Cara Elliott, Anne Gracie, and Susan King—is on sale for $1.99 in e-book at iBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* Go ahead, give in to the lure of the holiday novel.

Deal Alert: Olivia Dade's Lovestruck Librarians novel Ready to Fall is FREE in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | etc.* Who are some of your favorite librarians in romance?

Fresh Outta the Oven

Paris, je t'aime: Head to the City of Light in the striking newly released cover for Victoria Alexander's The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentleman, the first book in a new series due out on May 30, 2017.

[+The Spider-Man trailer & a Pitch interview...]

Dec 9 2016 3:00pm

Spots and All: Comments that Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

Renee1 has had it with Ross Poldark

Renee1 in How Flawed it Too Flawed

Poldark has been KILLING me with this lately. It edged a bit into the too flawed zone for me. I really hope Season 3 gives us more redemption!

[Read more...]

Dec 9 2016 2:00pm

Friday Beefcake: A Love Letter to the Men of Timeless

Source: Joe Lederer/NBC

Dear Men of Timeless,

We never miss a shipping opportunity here at H&H, and we're sorry it took us this long to realize how intriguing all of you are.

Between Rufus, Wyatt, and the enigmatic Garcia Flynn, you've made our fall TV viewing that much beefier and a whole lot of fun.

And it looks like the Lucy/Wyatt (Lyatt?) ship is getting ready to set sail, especially after this past week's Bonnie & Clyde episode, so yeah, we're really on board.

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Dec 9 2016 11:00am

Well, This is Awkward: Pitch 1x10 Ginny/Mike (Bawson) Heart-to-Heart

Source: darlinginmyway.tumblr.com

Show/Episode: Pitch Season 1, Episode 10, “Don't Say It”
Ship(s): Ginny/Mike (Bawson)

Pitch 1x10 Captain's Log

No. I will not enteratin the thought that this show might not come back for Season 2. You know why, Pitch fans? Because everything is in upheveal and my heart just can't take it, so I need this show to come back and fix it because I don't even know, guys. I don't even know.

So much happened in this episode, that I feel like I watched so many different things, but they all seemed to flow together so spectacularly that I don't feel cheated on anything except for the knowledge of whether or not I'm going to get more of this show.

Don't do this to me, Fox. We're good people. We deserve nice things.

The Highlight Reel:

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Dec 9 2016 9:30am

H&H Quickie #18: Tessa Bailey’s “Penalty Kiss”

Wound Tight by Tessa Bailey

Today we're thrilled to welcome Tessa Bailey (author of Wound Tight) back to Heroes and Heartbreakers with a very titilating scene that we know will leave you wanting more!

Last month, we asked you to offer suggestions (“prompts”) as inspiration for a short original scene, and you blew us away with a ton of great prompts.

Here are the prompts she chose for (with thanks to everyone who left a suggestion, because there were so many fantastic options):

Prompts chosen:

Now, without further ado... Tessa Bailey's “Penalty Kiss”

Jessie just needed to finish one measly little chapter. Was that really so much to ask?

Of course, her brother had arrived twenty minutes earlier than planned to drive them to the Rangers game, forcing her to stop smack dab in the middle of a sexy scene. Not just any sexy scene, though. The one she’d stuck with a trilogy to reach!

Oh hell no. Not happening. Desperate times called for desperate measures. So with Kindle in hand, Jessie stomped through Madison Square Garden searching for a quiet place to hide. Two elevator trips and one hot pretzel later, she’d stumbled on the perfect spot. The door was even marked PRIVATE. It had to be fate, right?

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Dec 9 2016 8:12am

Have You Ever Been Caught Using “Romance Language”?


We've done it on more than one occassion: you're talking to someone who does NOT read romance (we know... it rarely happens) and suddenly you use a term that... may not be appropriate in polite society! 

What do you do? Have you done this? 

Image source: Shutterstock

Dec 8 2016 4:33pm

Cowboy, Take Us Away: Romance News & Deals from Maggie McGinnis & Gena Showalter

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

A Cowboy's Christmas Promise by Maggie McGinnisDeal Alert: Maggie McGinnis' A holidahy contemporary A Cowboy's Christmas Promise is $.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Amazon | etc.* First-time McGinnis reader KC became a fan after dipping her toe into the author's Echo Lake series.

Deal Alert: Phyllis Bourne's contemporary Operation Prince Charming is discounted to $1.99 in e-book at Amazon.* Bourne's Heated Romance was nominated for a 2016 RITA for short contemporary romance!

Fresh Outta the Oven

Gena Showalter's The Darkest Promise is already delivering on the hotness! Lazarus and Cameo make a smokin'-hot couple on the newly revealed cover for the next Lords of the Underworld novel, which will be released on June 13, 2017. H&H blogger Jessica Moro calls Showalter one of her go-to paranormal authors and says the Lords of the Underworld series—inspired by the Pandora's Box legend and Greek mythology—is her favorite series of hers.

[+Colleen Hoover book heading to the screen...]

Dec 8 2016 2:00pm

Royal Obsession: Royalty in Romance from Chase and Pace!

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

The public has always been pretty passionate about looking through the lens at royals. From royal weddings to royal babies to royal scandals, there’s something about the glamorous, almost untouchable world of people who sit on actual thrones, live in palaces, and have titles like “Prince” and “Princess.” It feels like a different world than the modern, everyday one most of us live in, which makes it more than anything like a fantasy. So it seems like a natural fit that this theme would make its way to become a trend in romance, and there really couldn’t be one more fun.

Infamy is temporary, celebrity is fleeting, but royalty… royalty is forever.

-Royally Screwed, Emma Chase

It was to great enthusiasm and fanfare that Emma Chase made the announcement that her new self-pub series would be decadently royal. Royally Screwed is all about Nicholas, the crown prince of the fictional country of Wessco, and American commoner Olivia Hammond. Her life as a struggling coffee shop owner is as normal as it gets, and for the most part, so is her introduction to Nicholas, who stumbles in out of a blistering New York snowstorm. Yes, he’s with his entourage, but soon there’s just coffee and pie, and well, a proposition—to make it very worth her and her floundering business’s time, as only a wealthy, set-apart royal prince could do.

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Dec 8 2016 12:00pm

Nikki Sloane Excerpt: Three Sweet Nothings

Nikki Sloane

Three Sweet Nothings by Nikki Sloane

Five years ago, we’d been together and on fire, but the flames burned us both. Now she’s back in my life and is all my wildest fantasies in the flesh.

I want her. The desire is too powerful to argue against, but I’m not interested in what we had. This is an arrangement about pleasure and finding out who we are behind closed doors. There won’t be talk of love or any sweet nothings whispered by either of us.

This time, I’ll control the heat and make sure neither of our hearts get too close to the flames.

Get a sneak peek at Nikki Sloane's Three Sweet Nothings (available December 12, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

I dragged my finger over Ruby’s chin, drawing a slow line down her neck. She took in a deep breath, her gaze locked onto mine, and when I reached the neckline of her sweater, I splayed my fingers out, pressing my hand over the swell of her breasts.

Down my hand continued. It trailed painfully slow, inching toward her waist.

[Read the full Three Sweet Nothings excerpt...]

Dec 8 2016 11:00am

And Prometheus Is...: Arrow 5x09 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: Arrow, Season 5, Episode 9, “What We Leave Behind”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)


Arrow 5x09 Captain's Log

This was not an easy episode, but it also wasn’t a terrible episode. Okay, I know my rating makes it seem like it was. But I marked down for appearances by dead ex-Lance sisters and when Oliver kisses someone who isn’t Felicity. And yes, I mark down more for Oliver kissing someone else than I do for Felicity kissing someone else, but I do mark down for that, too. And she kissed someone else this episode too. So when you add all those things up… that’s some fairly major deductions all in one episode. Yikes!

Prometheus has a major beef with Oliver and he makes sure that former-Team-Arrow-member Evelyn understands that he doesn’t want to kill Oliver, he wants to make him wish he was dead. He plans to target all of the team, thanks to intel gathered from Evelyn herself. I get that half-pint is upset with Oliver for being a bit of a hypocrite but she seems particularly bloodthirsty and willing to put people she considered friends besides him in harm’s direct way. That girl needs a chill pill, stat.

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Dec 8 2016 9:30am

First Look: Thea Harrison’s Moonshadow (December 13, 2016)

Moonshadow by Thea Harrison

Thea Harrison
Moonshadow (Moonshadow #1)
Thea Harrison / December 13, 2016 / $16.00 print, $4.99 digital

In her first spinoff novel, Thea Harrison takes us halfway around the world from our beloved Elder Races, but have no fear, she definitely brings her special magic to a whole new cast of characters. 

In Moonshadow, while recovering from gunshot wounds received on a recent case, witch consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department, Sophie Ross is given an opportunity to travel to the U.K. Sophie has been offered a chance to inherit an estate and an entailment to take care of it.  The only hitch is she has to be able to get into a house that no one has been able to enter for a century. The house was built on the site of a collapsed crossover passage to the land of the Dark Court, because of this, different parts of the manor have drifted into altered shifts between our plane and the Otherlands.

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Dec 8 2016 8:02am

What Does Your Ideal Holiday Romance Look Like?

From November through January (and beyond for some), holiday romances reign supreme on many of our to-be-read piles. However, just because it's the holiday, doesn't mean our tastes change, and we still look for that particular romance that will fill our hearts with satisfaction. So... what does your ideal holiday romance look like? What holiday do you look for? (The majority are Christmas, but there are other holidays to enjoy!) What subgenre? Do you have certain holiday romances you re-read every year? 

If you're looking for a holiday romance to fit your tastes, describe it in the comments and we'll try to match you up!


Dec 7 2016 4:30pm

The Vampire’s Bride for a Night: Romance News & Deals from Gena Showalter and Kristen Ashley

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

The Vampire's Bride by Gena ShowalterDeal Alert: Gena Showalter's paranormal romance The Vampire's Bride is $1.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | etc.* If you enjoy Gena Showalter, might we also suggest you try Lora Leigh's Breeds, Angela Knight's Mageverse, and/or Rhyannon Byrd's Primal books?

Deal Alert: Kristen Ashley's Magdalene contemporary romance The Will is downpriced to $1.99 in e-book at iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | etc.* We've long appreciated and admired “The Cracktacular Appeal of Kristen Ashley and Her Anti-Heroes.”

Deal Alert: Megan Crane's motorcycle romance Make You Burn, first in the Deacons of Bourbon Street series, is $.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble | Amazon | iBooks | etc.* “[Crane's] characters are gritty, unapologetic, and led by their animal instincts, whether in war or love,” writes H&H blogger Nicole Leapheart in her First Look at Make You Burn.

[+Pitch scoop & a Zelda Fitzgerald TV show trailer...]

Dec 7 2016 4:00pm

Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us Is a GoodReads Choice Winner for a Reason

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

I had my dukes up and I was ready to rumble. For me, there is no other book this year that came close to the complete package that this story is all about. I came prepared, practiced, focused and ready to defend this epic book. Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us ends the year with the Best Romance Book Award! And it was!

Need convincing?

First off -> This book has every component of a perfect romance. The main plot centers around at least two people, there’s several sub plots, the main characters struggle with love and injustice, and the story is extremely sweet and extremely hot at some points of the book. Yes, it has all that stuff and much, much more. What makes it a romance book of the year is that it doesn’t just make the grade, or is just a “good” book; it goes above and beyond.

[Read more...]

Dec 7 2016 3:00pm

Are Romantic Comedies on Their Way Back?

Source: shutterstock

Where Have All the Romantic Comedies Gone?

Trends, they happen in everything—clothes, cars, mass media, celebrities, style...romance novels. It’s possible you grew up, or your parents grew up, in a house with a gold refrigerator, or an avocado-green bathtub or a paneled den. It's what was “in.” So while we see them often enough in culture, we can't forget there are trends in romance.

Most all of you know about the historical  romance revolution of the 1970s and 1980s that gave us books from Kathleen Woodiwiss and Judith McNaught. Contemporary books had their smaller one, too—with authors like Sidney Shelton, Judith Krantz, and Danielle Steel. These two genres battled it out like the Today Show and Good Morning America –one leading for a couple of years only to then fall behind and the other taking the lead until what seemed like a mass exodus of contemporary romance authors in the early-mid 1990s to write romantic suspense. Regency and historical books with settings in England reign supreme, but readers were lucky enough to experience a variety that hasn’t been duplicate since—with plenty of westerns, and medieval stories too. Romantic fantasy made its own little niche with angel and futuristic books in mid-1990’s and then genre imploded in the early 2000 with shift changers and vampire books. Around 2007 small-town romances boosted contemporary sales. Some mid-list fantasy authors saw the writing on the wall and start changing genres. Then in 2010 or so LGBTQ romances and erotica became more mainstream.

[Read more...]

Dec 7 2016 1:17pm

“Take ’Em Off”: Christian and Ana Get Hotter in the New Fifty Shades Darker Trailer

An extended trailer for Fifty Shades Darker is here and it's hotter than the first! In an attempt to win Anastasia back, Christian is pulling out all the stops, and we get more of  a glimpse of all the drama that's to come. 

Former paramours, a visit from Christian's mother, and Ana's boss all culminate in a heart-racing, nail-biting ride. Can't wait to see what's in store of these two.

[See the trailer now!]

Dec 7 2016 12:00pm

Jeffe Kennedy Excerpt: The Edge of the Blade

Jeffe Kennedy

The Edge of the Blade by Jeffe Kennedy

The Twelve Kingdoms rest uneasy under their new High Queen, reeling from civil war and unchecked magics. Few remember that other powers once tested their borders—until a troop of foreign warriors emerges with a challenge...

Jepp has been the heart of the queen’s elite guard, her Hawks, since long before war split her homeland. But the ease and grace that come to her naturally in fighting leathers disappears when battles turn to politics. When a scouting party arrives from far-away Dasnaria, bearing veiled threats and subtle bluffs, Jepp is happy to let her queen puzzle them out while she samples the pleasures of their prince’s bed.

But the cultural norms allow that a Dasnarian woman may be wife or bed-slave, never her own leader—and Jepp’s light use of Prince Kral has sparked a diplomatic crisis. Banished from court, she soon becomes the only envoy to Kral’s strange and dangerous country, with little to rely on but her wits, her knives—and the smolder of anger and attraction that burns between her and him...

Get a sneak peek at Jeffe Kennedy's The Edge of the Blade (available December 27, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“Done,” Trond pronounced, then—Danu bless him—covered Kral with a blanket. An opulent one, embroidered in metallic threads with intricate designs on the burgundy silk that matched pillows mounded behind him, all similar shades to the Hákyrling’s sails. Kral’s signature color. “Being quiet until those creatures disperse will do you good, General. If you don’t reopen the wounds, they ought to heal clean quite quickly. All right, Ambassador Rekjabrel, let’s see those hands.”

“Don’t you have an office or somewhere we can go?”

“I am a moving medic. Dasnarians have no leisure to sit in offices and be tended to.”

[Read the full The Edge of the Blade excerpt...]

Dec 7 2016 9:30am

40 is the New 30: 10 “Seasoned” Romances Featuring Characters Who Are 35+

Today we're thrilled to have authors from the Facebook group, Seasoned Romance on Heroes and Heartbreakers! These 10 authors and bloggers of Seasoned Romance* pick their favorite “season romance” books. Do you see an old favorite or a new-to-you find? Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Seasoned Romance is a Facebook group composed of authors, readers, and bloggers who write and appreciate romance with older characters. They all feature characters in their mid 30s and well beyond—after all, love and romance don't stop once characters hit the big 3-0!

Choose Me by Natasha Moore

Choose Me by Natasha Moore

This is silver fox romance at its best. Rick and Eve are an easily relatable couple that are mature enough to see past the distractions and insecurities life throws at you and smart enough to fully embrace the explosive, sultry burn of new love. Regardless of the reader’s age, I am confident you will enjoy the journey these two take; a journey of independence and trust…and some completely scandalicious sex!

(reviewed by Scandal, Scandalicious Book Reviews)

Smooth Sailing by Linda Rettstatt

Smooth Sailing by Linda Resttatt is an emotional story of a widowed man and a newly-divorced woman dipping their toes into the dating waters. They have to steer a new course to love around not only their own fears and insecurities, but their families and past histories. An Alaskan cruise ship was an appealing setting for this lovely romance and Ms, Resttatt made me feel as if I was right there. I liked both characters and was cheering for them throughout the book.

(reviewed by Natasha Moore, author of Choose Me)

[Read more...]

Dec 7 2016 8:13am

Have You Ever Read Rosemary Rogers?

Bound by Love by Rosemary Rogers

Rosemary Rogers, for many, is a first of the genre for them—if she's not one of the first romances you read, her books certainly stand out to the readers who read her. 

Today is Rosemary's birthday, so to commemorate that, we want to know: have you ever read her? What do you remember about her books? What one is your favorite? As a modern reader with a different viewpoint than when you first read the books, can you go back and re-read some of her earlier works?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Dec 6 2016 4:44pm

Christmas Kisses & Goodreads Awards: Romance News & Deals

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Once Upon a Christmas Kiss by Manda CollinsDeal Alert: Manda Collins' holiday historical Once Upon a Christmas Kiss is on sale for $.99 in e-book at iBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* And if you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check out Manda Collins' short story “Miss Easterling's Highland Fling,” a free read right here on H&H!

Deal Alert: Sylvia Day's second Crossfire series novel (and the sequel to Bared to You), Reflected in You, is discounted to $1.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | etc.* “The drama of Gideon and Eva’s relationship reaches new heights in this book,” writes Marquetta Whitmore in her First Look at Reflected in You. “It was tiring, entertaining, frustrating, and annoying. I loved it.”

Deal Alert: Jeaniene Frost's first Broken Destiny novel, The Beautiful Ashes, is on sale for $1.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Amazon | etc.* Cat and Bones fans, this could be a sign that it's time to try Frost's New Adult series.

Fresh Outta the Oven

And the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award goes to... Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us was voted best romance of the year! Also among the winners for best books in their categories are Alwyn Hamilton's Rebel of the Sands (Debut Goodreads Author) and Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Mist and Fury (YA Fantasy). See the full list of winners at Goodreads.

[+Sherrilyn Kenyon & J.R. Ward excerpts...]