<i>Over the Edge</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Over the Edge: Exclusive Excerpt Meredith Wild "Tangling my fingers in her hair and kissing her breathless." <i>When a Laird Finds a Lass</i>: Exclusive Excerpt When a Laird Finds a Lass: Exclusive Excerpt Calista Fox "She stood on her toes to kiss his cheek." <i>Burning Obsession</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Burning Obsession: Exclusive Excerpt Calista Fox "The adrenaline rush she’d given me was exactly what I’d needed." <i>While the Duke Was Sleeping</i>: Exclusive Excerpt While the Duke Was Sleeping: Exclusive Excerpt Sophie Jordan "She leaned into his mouth, finally kissing him back..."
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Books and Movies That Feature Breakups—and Make Ups!
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October 24, 2016
Zombie and Zombie Apocalypse Romance
Oct 25 2016 8:03am

What Author Has Branched Out the Most?

Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor

Yesterday, we gave our community the floor and asked you all what you wanted to talk about! You delivered, so today we're following up with Scarlettleigh's question: what do you think when an author branches out? 

In this day and age, it's not unheard of for authors to jump genres, but can you think of an author who has really branched out from their initial base? Have you liked the “change”? 

Tell me about it in the comments!

Oct 24 2016 4:29pm

Brave Knights & Improper Princesses: Romance News & Deals

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Conquering William by Sarah HeggerDeal Alert: Sarah Hegger's Sir Arthur's Legacy historical Conquering William is only $.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | etc.* Do you, like Hegger, find yourself drawn to “the shining, conquering hero, who will vanquish all villains, cling to his code of honor and look totally yummy while doing it”? Then you are definitely a Medieval romance reader!

Deal Alert: Vanessa Kelly's Improper Princesses historical My Fair Princess is $.99 in e-book at iBooks | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | etc.* Exactly how naughty were those Regency balls that we so enjoy reading about? Turns out, that depends on whether you attended a public subscription ball, private ball, or a Cyprian ball, oooohhhh.

Fresh Outta the Oven

Live dangerously with the first glimpse at Jackie Ashenden's The Dangerous Billionaire cover. The first Tate Brother (yep, more than one SEAL hero in store!) will steal hearts beginning May 2, 2017.

[+Today on H&H...]

Oct 24 2016 3:00pm

Heartbeat Not Required: Zombie and Zombie Apocalypse Romance

Source: Shutterstock

It’s Halloween, which means lots of bats, witches, pumpkins, and my favorite part: candy. Between all the haunted houses, corn mazes, costume balls, and apple-bobbing contests, I hope you’re still finding the time to curl up on the couch with a mug of cider and a good romance.

Some readers like their books to match the season; beach reads and adventure romance for the summer, snowbound cabin books and all the holiday reads will get you through the winter. Fall makes me want to pick up farmer and back-to-school books, until October hits and the stores are stocked with costumes, candy, and truly bizarre yard decorations.

While there are Halloween romances, I’m more inclined to head for the supernatural for my seasonal fix. I could go shifters or witches, but this year I’m heading off the beaten path for something a little less…alive and hunkering down with some zombie and zombie apocalypse romances.

Zombies may not seem like a logical choice for romance, because let’s be real, they’re creepy AF. But there’s something about peril that sets a tone for convincing, light-speed romance, and you have to offer a hardy salute to any author who can make a romance work between the undead and the not.  

So I’m going to go ahead and say that zombies and romance go together like peanut butter and bacon: at first you might wrinkle your nose, but once someone convinces you to taste it, you’re all


I’m pretty sure those aren’t brains he’s chowing down on?

Anyway, without further ado, here are some zombie and zombie apocalypse romances to get you through the holiday and beyond.

[Read more...]

Oct 24 2016 2:00pm

5 Category Romances That Will Make Your TBR Pile Sing!

Feels Like Home by Beth Andrews

Whether you read category romance religiously, or whether you’re looking to try it for the first time, there’s something for you. That’s the beauty of category romance! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m a bargain shopper when it comes to ebooks. I also tend to get buyer’s paralysis when I’m faced with so many decisions. Over 18,000 books on sale is a huge pool to pick from, so I wanted to give my two cents about some hidden (and not-so-hidden) category romance gems.

Feels Like Home by Beth Andrews

Beth Andrews is an underrated genius when it comes to the Superromance line. (For new readers, this is the line that’s perfect for contemporary romance lovers that enjoy fleshed out dynamics involving family and/or community and mild-to-hot sex scenes.)

Andrews always writes with an eye towards the complex. Her heroines are never doormats, and her heroes are never total alphaholes. Feels Like Home was my introduction to her, and I think it’s a great place to start. There’s wedding planning (ah!), a romance between a heroine and her ex-husband, oodles of family drama, southern vibes, and a lot of changing views. The hero’s family doesn’t accept the heroine easily…but the reward is there.

There are also several other series of Andrews’ on sale. The Truth about the Sullivans is another one worth checking out, particularly On Her Side. It has an attorney heroine with a heavy dose of competence porn and decent suspense, which made it very easy to binge read.

[Read more...]

Oct 24 2016 12:00pm

Sophie Jordan Excerpt: While the Duke Was Sleeping

Sophie Jordan

While the Duke Was Sleeping: The Rogue Files by Sophie Jordan

Sometimes the man of your dreams...

Shop girl Poppy Fairchurch knows it’s pointless fantasizing about the Duke of Autenberry. Still, dreams can’t hurt anyone . . . unlike the carriage Poppy spies bearing down upon the unsuspecting duke. After she pulls him to safety, the duke lapses into a coma and Poppy is mistaken for his fiancée. But one person isn’t fooled: his arrogant and much too handsome half-brother, Struan Mackenzie. Soon Poppy isn’t sure what she wants more . . . the fantasy of her duke or the reality of one smoldering Scot who challenges her at every turn.

...is not who you think.

An illegitimate second son, Struan may have built an empire and established himself as one of the wealthiest men in Britain, but he knows he will always be an outsider among the ton. Just like he knows the infuriating Poppy is a liar. There’s no way the haughty Duke of Autenberry would deign to wed a working class girl. It doesn’t matter how charming she is. Or tempting. Or how much Struan wants her for himself.

Get a sneak peek at Sophie Jordan 's While the Duke Was Sleeping (available October 25, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Sweet heavens, he was going to kiss her again. Yes, yes, please.

Struan pulled back slightly and growled against her lips. “Kiss me, Poppy.”

Her name on his lips broke something loose inside her. Ignited her. She leaned into his mouth, finally kissing him back, starved, touching her tongue to his.

He made a deep growl of approval, his hands gripping her thighs tighter and hefting her higher. She squeaked and gripped his shoulders.

[Read the full While the Duke Was Sleeping excerpt...]

Oct 24 2016 11:00am

All Hail Queen Betsy: A Look Back Over Her Reign

Undead and Done by MaryJanice Davidson

Ever since she first appeared on the page in 2004 in the delightful Undead and Unwed, readers have been captivated by (and sometimes exasperated with) Betsy Taylor, the reluctant Vampire Queen whom few take seriously—often to their peril.

Over the course of this unique and always-entertaining series, Betsy discovers (often without trying) new powers (such as killing the undead with the force of her mind and will alone, drawing on energy to heal or resurrect) she uses to aid her in completing her objectives. Sometimes these abilities prove problematic, at least until Betsy figures out how to use them most effectively, but they tend to emerge when most needed—typically to help her friends and family.

The first half of the series deals primarily with Betsy navigating her role as vampire queen, gathering her friends and relatives into her “made” family, and alternately building and restructuring relationships with other supernatural entities, such as the Wyndham werewolves. This framework proves very necessary for what Betsy faces in subsequent installments.

[Read more...]

Oct 24 2016 9:30am

First Look: Valerie Bowman’s The Legendary Lord (November 1, 2016)

The Legendary Lord by Valerie Bowman

Valerie Bowman
The Legendary Lord (Playful Brides #6)
St. Martin's Press / November 1, 2016 / $7.99 print & digital

I admit it. I adore Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides Series. This core group of friends we follow throughout the series is quirky, inventive, fun, and sexy. The Legendary Lord is no exception and I’m not-so-secretly crushing on Christian Bancroft, Viscount Berkeley. Okay, full disclaimer, I’ve been crushing on him for a while. How fantastic that he finally gets his time in the spotlight.

So if this is your first foray into the Playful Brides world, you may not know that our Christian, though a beautiful man inside and out, has had zero success on the marriage market. Part of this is due to some of his awkward social quirks like his stutter. And once women do take notice of him, he’s always relegated into the dreaded “friend” zone.

[Read more...]

Oct 24 2016 8:31am

What Do You Want to Talk About?

Something to Talk About by Dakota Cassidy

We love talking with our readers and many times our conversations with you via email or on social media spawn my Morning Coffee questions. So today, I kick the morning Q out to you—what do you want to talk about? What do you want to get other readers opinions on? What's something you've been thinking about that you'd like to get other readers' perspective on? 

Tell me about it in the comments or drop us a line at heroesnhearts@gmail.com and you may see your questions as future Morning Coffees! 

Oct 23 2016 10:30pm

A New Baby and the Sea: Poldark Season 2, Episode 4 Romelza Heart-to-Heart

Poldark 2x04 Captain's Log

Ross continues to be a bit (read: a lot) of a jerk while trying to wriggle out from the choking grasp George Warleggan has on Wheal Leisure. Ross has taken to some...not so legal activities—smuggling—and a very pregnant Demelza is not happy about it. Francis is still very useful, and Elizabeth is surprised by Demelza’s cold shoulder. There are sweet moments, and there are painful moments. And through it all, we’re really just rooting for Ross not to screw up and for Demelza to remain as incandescent as she ever is. This episode’s got sniping, anger, and a baby. So settle in while I bring you my top 5 moments from a pretty spectacular episode.

[Read more...]

Oct 23 2016 12:02pm

Joanna Shupe Excerpt: Baron

Joanna Shupe

Baron by Joanna Shupe

New York City’s Gilded Age shines as bright as the power-wielding men of the Knickerbocker Club. And one pragmatic industrialist is about to learn that a man may make his own destiny, but love is a matter of fortune . . .

Born into one of New York’s most respected families, William Sloane is a railroad baron who has all the right friends in all the right places. But no matter how much success he achieves, he always wants more. Having secured his place atop the city’s highest echelons of society, he’s now setting his sights on a political run. Nothing can distract him from his next pursuit—except, perhaps, the enchanting con artist he never saw coming . . .

Ava Jones has eked out a living the only way she knows how. As “Madame Zolikoff,” she hoodwinks gullible audiences into believing she can communicate with the spirit world. But her carefully crafted persona is nearly destroyed when Will Sloane walks into her life—and lays bare her latest scheme. The charlatan is certain she can seduce the handsome millionaire into keeping her secret and using her skills for his campaign—unless he’s the one who’s already put a spell on her . . .

Get a sneak peek at Joanna Shupe's Baron (available October 25, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Stupid to have begged for the kiss, but he’d needed one kiss, a small taste, to get her off his mind for good. That plan had failed miserably, obviously considering the hunger for her had only intensified. He dragged a hand down his face and collected his breath. “That went further than I intended.”

“Than we both intended, I think,” she said, and the knot in Will’s stomach loosened somewhat until she continued in a remote, withdrawn voice. “However, let’s not turn this into something it’s not. You asked me to kiss you, so I kissed you. Consider it payment rendered for helping with Tom.”

[Read the full Baron excerpt...]

Oct 23 2016 11:00am

First Look: Christi Caldwell’s The Rogue’s Wager (October 25, 2016)

The Rogue's Wager by Christi Caldwell

Christi Caldwell
The Rogue's Wager (Sinful Brides #1)
Montlake / October 25, 2016 / $12.95 print, $4.99 digital

I love female characters that are not the typical perfect-looking ingenues with demons in their pasts.  In Christi Caldwell’s latest novel, The Rogue’s Wager, she does this artfully and effectively with Helena Banbury, an illegitimate daughter of a duke.

Helena is a numbers-minded bluestocking with a dark, painful past who is living a safe life in her brother’s club. She was maimed and found illiterate on the streets, yet has become a strong character who wants something different than what she’s been living. Helena won’t settle for a typical lady’s life—she wants to be involved in something significant to fulfill her—preferably with numbers. I loved this twist!  

[Read more...]

Oct 22 2016 12:00pm

Santino Hassell Excerpt: Interborough

Santino Hassell

Interborough (Five Boroughs) by Santino Hassell

The Raymond Rodriguez from a few years ago wouldn't recognize the guy he is today. He's left his slacker ways far behind him and is now juggling two jobs and school. But the balancing act doesn't allow much time for the man he loves.

David is doing his best to be supportive, but problems at work and his own insecurity leave him frustrated-in more ways than the obvious-whenever he goes to bed before Raymond gets home. The heat and affection between them is still there, but they barely have the time or energy to enjoy it. And it doesn't help that Raymond is still hiding David from his colleagues.

The stress mounts so high that a vacation in paradise is filled with turmoil instead of harmony, and culminates on their return to the five boroughs with broken promises and heartache. They have to figure out how to stop allowing their differences to overshadow their love. It's the only way they'll make it to forever.

Get a sneak peek at Santino Hassell's Interborough (available October 24, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Public Speaking was the usual shit-show. We were assigned a group presentation, and I spent a large percentage of the planning slumped in my desk with my hood up. With little input from me, they went full steam ahead with a plan to do our presentation as a debate on Common Core. It sounded boring as fuck, but I’d listened to Michael, Nunzio, and David rant about it often enough to be familiar with the pros and cons of the state standards. My group just seemed relieved when I nodded in agreement, as if they’d expected me to put up a fuss.

[Read the full Interborough excerpt...]

Oct 22 2016 11:00am

Screaming for More: Erotic Romance Best Bets for October 2016

In need of some sexy reading material to fill your e reader? I’m here for you. Each month I will bring you an assortment of erotic pleasure reads to tempt your palate and your credit card.

NOTE: Not every story I recommend in these posts are always the current month’s releases. Some are from previous months and some are soon to release.

October brings readers a rich harvest of erotic delights when the strong must submit in order to fully experience the passion and desires that await them.

Savage Mafia Prince by Annika Martin

Savage Mafia Prince by Annika Martin

Where is Kiro?

He’s the lost Dragusha brother, heir to a vast mafia empire—brilliant, violent, and utterly savage…and he’s been missing for years.


I'm supposed to be doing simple undercover research at the Fancher Institute for the Mentally Ill & Dangerous, but I can’t keep my mind off Patient 34. He’s startlingly young and gorgeous, but it’s not just that. He’s strapped way too tightly to that bed. And there’s no name or criminal history on his chart. What are these people hiding? My reporter’s instincts are screaming.

Here's the other thing: the staffers here believe he’s so sedated that there’s not a thought in his head, but I catch him watching me when nobody’s looking. Our connection sizzles when I enter the room. When our eyes meet, I know he understands me in a way nobody else ever has.

I’m supposed to follow my editor’s orders—I have secrets, too—but everything about Patient 34 is suspicious. How can I not investigate?

The third and final installment in Annika Martin’s dark mafia romance finally gives the answers fans have been waiting for. This erotic romance suspense will keep readers on their toes when a man’s alpha tendencies roar to the forefront when confronted with his mate. A family continuously searches for a long lost relative while an unknown man suffers in an institute for the criminally insane. His only hope is a young woman who has her own reasons for being there. Though she helps to free him from his physical restraints, he will use whatever it takes to keep her tied to him forever.

[Read more...]

Oct 21 2016 4:29pm

Blood Vows & Runaway Brides: Romance News & Deals

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Fresh Outta the Oven

Blood Vow by J.R. WardThat feeling when only a Blood Vow will do... J.R. Ward has offered up a snippet from her second Black Dagger Legacy novel, due out December 6, on Facebook. See Axe and Elise spar in Blood Vow now. Haven't read Blood Kiss yet? You still have time to catch up!

13 Going on 30: The Musical? It's true: The 2004 rom-com starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo is the latest movie heading to Broadway. Razzles for everyone!

Top Off Your TBR Pile

—Deal Alert: May McGoldrick's runaway-bride Scottish historical Much Ado About Highlanders is on sale for $1.99 in e-book at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | etc.* Sample Alexander and Kenna's tempestuous, passionate romance in an excerpt of Chapter 1 from Much Ado About Highlanders.

[+Cora Carmack deal and more...]

Oct 21 2016 3:00pm

Miles and Piles of Books: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

Nicole Luiken is making a list and checking it many times

Nicole Luiken in How Organized is Your TBR Pile?

I like to make lists. :)

I have a To Be Read list usually of about 10-15 titles written in a notebook, subdivided by genre (SF, fantasy, romance, young adult) which includes all the physical books sitting on my book table and several ebooks that I bought. I'm trying very hard not to develop to big of a backlog of ebooks.

In addition to this, I have a To-Read list on Goodreads which includes some of the above books (but not all) plus titles that I'm considering buying, or waiting for the paperback release, or are still forthcoming.

Then I have a third list of another 60 titles of what I call Backlist books. These are mostly books that my husband bought and are in the main collection in the basement, that he has recommended to me or that I didn't have time to read when they were purchased but am still interested in. My goal for the year was to read 12 of these, 1 per month, but I've fallen behind on it. (New books get priority)

The public library has a feature where I can make a For Later list. I have a list there of books that I want to try before spending money on them. This list of 20 mostly overlaps with my Goodreads To-Read list.

That's my current system... Kind of crazy, I know.

[Read more...]

Oct 21 2016 2:00pm

Pitch Slapped: What to Read If You Love Ginny & Mike

Mike and Ginny in Pitch

Like any great sports romance, FOX’s freshman series Pitch balances authentic baseball drama and the palpable sexual tension between its leads, rookie pitcher Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) and veteran catcher Mike Lawson (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, looking very un-Zack Morris-like). Four episodes in and we’re already helplessly addicted to the series and desperate to see what happens next between Ginny and Mike. Yeah: We are all in with these two.

Alas, the next episode is a whole week away, and we cannot actually wish ourselves into the future. Luckily, this is where romance novels and fanfic come in! A happy, romantic ending for Mike/Ginny may not be in the cards for the show—though we live in hope—but you can bet your ass it is in books and fanfic. So join us in recommending books and fics that bring all the Pitch feels with none of this waiting-for-a-new-episode business.

[Get your recs right here!]

Oct 21 2016 12:03pm

Sarina Bowen Excerpt: Keepsake

Sarina Bowen

Keepsake by Sarina Bowen

Lark Wainright, 23, has nightmares. She used to be fearless. But while overseas for her nonprofit employer, she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint in a dusty shack. Everyone has an opinion about what might have happened to here there, but she's not saying much. She's too consumed by guilt to talk about it.

When her best friend offers her a stay at the Shipley orchard in exchange for help at the farmers’ markets, Lark jumps into her little car and heads to Vermont. Unfortunately, the night terrors don’t stop. Desperate to keep her fragile state a secret from those who know her best, she relies on the most soft-spoken resident of Orange County, Vermont, to calm her down when her dreams prove too much.

Zachariah, 23, is a survivor of a different kind. It’s been three years since he was tossed aside by the polygamist cult out west, and the only home he’d ever known. In Vermont, he’s found a peaceful place in the bunkhouse at the Shipley’s farm. He’s good with animals, and he’s good with his hands. But getting thrown away by your own people at nineteen leaves a mark on a guy. And he doesn’t always know what to make of a world where apps and movie quotes are the primary means of communication. Before hitchhiking to Vermont, he’d never watched TV. He’d never spoken on the phone.

Actually, there are still a lot of things he’s never done.

Zach and Lark slowly grow to trust one another. One night they become even closer than they’d planned. But Lark may still be too broken to trust anyone. When she shoves Zach away, he will have to prove to himself that he's good for more than farm labor.

Get a sneak peek at Sarina Bowen's Keepsake (available October 25, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“Now you’ve been spotted!” Kyle snickered. “The approach is my favorite part.”

“Why me,” Zach muttered into his beer.

“Because you give off that nice-guy vibe,” Kyle said cheerfully. “You’re approachable. Like a friendly puppy.”

Zach was giving off an embarrassed vibe, if any. “You want me to scare her off?” I volunteered.

[Read the full Keepsake excerpt...]

Oct 21 2016 11:00am

Friday Beefcake: A Love Letter to Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni & Brett Dier

Source: screencap Jane the Virgin

Dear Justin and Brett,

Some of us are clearly #TeamRafael, and some of us are #TeamMichael, but the bromance between the two of you is probably one of the best things on the planet. Jane the Virgin brought your incerdible talent into our lives, and while some of our hearts are hurting a lot from Jane's choice, watching the camraderie of the two of you off screen, makes so many of us incredibly happy.

[Read more...]

Oct 21 2016 9:30am

Pilots Rock the Cockpit in Romance

Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

In Romancelandia, popular tropes and hero/heroines types can be ever-changing. I think the romance genre has the special ability to be anything you absolutely want (case in point the raging popularity of dino-erotica) and trends will ebb and flow. We currently seem to be in a period of nostalgia, I mean 98 degrees just went on tour, Backstreet Boys just announced another, so we’re all looking back, and popular authors are coming back with new series. Romance has also been connecting to its roots and what better alpha male to bring back all those loving feelings than a pilot.

Pilots rule the sky and their cockpit with finesse and skill. As heralded by Fifty Shades of Grey, not every pilot does this full time. Christian Grey was a frequent flyer that also dominated the sky. Pilots can come in all shapes and sizes, they could be billionaires as well as even royalty. In this recent release, Royally Screwed by Emma Chase, Nicholas, flies whenever he can. He loves the rush and on one fantastic date, he shows our heroine, Olivia why.

[Read more...]