<i>Riot</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Riot: Exclusive Excerpt Tillie Cole <i>Disenchanted</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Disenchanted: Exclusive Excerpt Susan Carroll "Only the girl who thought she’d given up on love can decide." <i>Jordan Reclaimed</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Jordan Reclaimed: Exclusive Excerpt Scarlett Cole "He was truly out of appreciation for romantic gestures..." <i>Grip</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Grip: Exclusive Excerpt Kennedy Ryan "His lips hover over mine, and I will him to kiss me..."
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March 1, 2017
What Romance Novel Should You Read Next? Madame TBR Returns!
Madame Thumbelina Bronte Radcliffe
February 28, 2017
The Essential Mardi Gras Romance Wish List
Santino Hassell
February 28, 2017
Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Ahrnstedt and Fewings
Team H & H
February 27, 2017
The End of Maya Banks’ KGI Series Draws Closer: Here’s What You Need to Know
Team H & H
February 27, 2017
8 Books H&H Bloggers Recommend for February 2017
Team H & H
Feb 14 2017 10:00am

The Swoonies 2017: An EPIC Couples Battle!

Welcome to H&H’s third annual couples battle, The Swoonies, where romance’s most popular pairings go head-to-head for the title of H&H’s Swoonworthiest Couple of the Year!

Starting today, in Round 1, you get to decide the fates of 16 couples in 4 battles across 4 conferences (Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical, and Romantic Suspense) by voting for your favorites in each poll. Over the coming weeks, couples will be eliminated via weekly polls until just one couple is left standing.

We recognize this won’t be easy, but hope you’ll enjoy the thrilling matches! Here’s everything you need to know:

Vote Now in Round 4:

Schedule of Events:

  • Round 1: February 14-February 17 at 10:00 am
  • Round 2: February 17-February 21 at 1:00 pm— 
  • Round 3: February 21-February 24 at 1:00 pm 
  • Round 4: February 24- March 2 at 3:00 pm VOTE NOW
  • Winners Announced: March 2 at 4 p.m. (EST)

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Mar 1 2017 12:00pm

Tillie Cole Excerpt: Riot

Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole's Riot

They call me 901. I am a monster, a killer, a champion. In the blood pit I am a god. I have no name, no family, and no identity. When master says fight, I fight…until I am the only one left standing. I have one goal, to fight so well that I am freed. I don’t need friends, I don’t need women. They are weaknesses. I am strong.

Until I see her. She is gorgeous and kind and off-limits to me. She was stolen as a child to be the worst type of slave and now master wants her. What he wants, he gets. With a smile, she melts my brutal heart. I have never wanted anything more.

I need to make a choice. Freedom or Love. I cannot choose wrong.

Get a sneak peek at Tillie Cole's Riot (available March 7, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.


The Blood Pit
Unknown Location

A warm breeze rippled over my skin, rousing me from sleep. My eyes were leaden as I tried to blink them open. When I finally succeeded, my vision was blurred. I tried to lift my head, but it ached, and pain pulsed down my spine.

A small cry left my lips as I tried to lift my arms and legs. They were racked by aches and featured the sensation of being pricked with a thousand needles. My mouth was dry. My eyes finally cleared enough to stare at the stone ceiling above me. The stone was a dull gray. Yet, in contrast to my surroundings, I lay on something soft and comfortable, my head sinking into what felt like the softest of down covered in silk.

My eyebrows pulled together in confusion. Managing to move my stiff fingers, I ran them along the soft fabric beneath me. Taking a deep breath, I held it in and forced myself to turn onto my side. I stifled a pained moan that was about to slip through my lips. I panted with exertion.

[Read the full Riot excerpt...]

Mar 1 2017 11:00am

What Romance Novel Should You Read Next? Madame TBR Returns!

My name is Madame Thumbelina Brontë Radcliffe, but you can call me Madame TBR for short. I have returned to offer you more romance novel suggestions than you could have imagined! Not even in your wildest dreams! I am so please you have returned for my powers of intuition and foresight have been begging to be used to offer romance recommendations once again! As a reminder, by answering a few simple questions, I can help you find the hero of your dreams, the exotic locales you've been yearning for, and so much more—all through the power of a reading recommendation!

These question will help me find what you seek:

  • Who are a few of your favorite authors?
  • What do you wish to find in your next read? Perhaps a reformed rogue, or a fake relationship is what you seek? Tell me a little bit about what sort of book you're looking for!
  • Romance can be hot as Hades, or sweet as an early summer's day... what heat level do you prefer?
  • Last but not least, to feel the sweetest love, you must know the deepest pain—or not! What angst level do you prefer, on a scale of 1 to 10? (One being low angst, ten being the highest)

Let Madame TBR see into your reading future! Answer my four simple questions and receive a recommendation of what we'll see in your reading future! 

[Read more...]

Mar 1 2017 9:30am

First Look: Colleen Oakley’s Close Enough to Touch (March 7, 2017)

Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley

Gah, I loved everything about Close Enough to Touch—though I have to admit—I went into reading it with a bit of skepticism. Because how can a woman who has an allergy to other humans ever form a romantic attachment? Well, I will never question Colleen Oakley’s writing abilities again. The story unfolds so beautifully. I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I groaned in frustration, then I swooned again.

Jubilee Jenkins has an extremely rare disease where she essentially is allergic to other humans. A Type IV Contact Dermatitis to foreign skin cells. So is this like bubble-boy? Nope. Totally different. Yet the consequences of her having skin contact is life threatening. Hence, after an event her senior year nearly kills her, Jubilee hermits herself in her home for ten years. Until she’s forced to interact with the outside world again and get a job.

[Read more...]

Mar 1 2017 8:01am

Where Would You Most Like to See a Book Set?

Mountain image

Romance novels are, for many, read for escapist reasons, especially if we can escape to a place that we've never been before! With so many small towns and big cities as the setting of a romance, it can feel like readers can go anywhere! However, is there a place where you haven't seen a whole lot of romances set and would like to? Where would you like to see a romance set? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Editorial credit: Dmitry Kolchinski / Shutterstock.com

Feb 28 2017 4:30pm

You Gotta Check Out These Buns: Romance News & Deals from Suzanne Enoch, Nora Roberts, and More

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch

Deal Alert: Suzanne Enoch's Scottish historical Hero in the Highlands is $1.99 at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | etc.* Professional soldier Gabriel inherits a Dukedom and an estate that comes with a steward—Fiona—who ends up being more temptation than he can handle.

Deal Alert: Nora Roberts' family saga Luring a Lady, the second book in her Stanislaskis series, is $1.99 at Barnes & Noble | Amazon | etc.* Roberts is known for her sweeping family dramas and complex stories. What would your top 10 Nora Roberts books be?

[+Check out the buns on this one...]

Feb 28 2017 3:30pm

The Essential Mardi Gras Romance Wish List

What would make for a Mardi Gras romance?

Follow Me Into the Darkness Anthology

Today we're thrilled to welcome Santino Hassell (part of the Follow Me Into Darkness anthology). The anthology focuses around Carnivale and Mardi Gras and so today, Santino is here to talk about the items on his wish list for any Mardi Gras romance! Thanks, Santino!

For many, Mardi Gras is a time for wild parties and nonstop booze. However, it’s also a prime opportunity for romance. Several queer romance authors explored this theme with our collection of carnivale shorts in the Follow Me Into Darkness anthology, but there is room for so much more.

I offer you five reasons why Mardi Gras is the perfect setting for romance. I’ll leave it here and hope a few fantastic authors get inspired while reading this list.

1. The carnivalesque air makes it feel like life is a game and everyone around you is on your team. It helps that businesses shut down and everyone is out celebrating. You end up hanging out and bonding with people you wouldn’t have known in any other circumstances, which is the perfect opportunity for meet cutes.

2. It’s also the perfect opportunities for shenanigans! Mardi Gras is a time when the unlikely becomes likely. Imagine all the trouble you can write your characters into, and all the ways you can write them trying to find their ways out (while falling for each other). This could lend itself to multiple subgenres including romantic suspense. A sexy Mardi Gras whodunit? I’ll take it. Throw in some paranormal elements and I’m there.

[Read more...]

Feb 28 2017 2:30pm

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Simona Ahrnstedt and Vanessa Fewings

Team H&H has two great covers for you today from authors Simona Ahrnstedt and Vanessa Fewings. In Ahrnstedt's Falling, playboy Alexander tangles with devoted humanitarian Isobel, pushing one another's boundaries to their limits. And in Fewings' The Game, a notorious art theif and an investigator have a complicated, red-hot connection that may end up being detrimental to them both. 

Falling by Simona Ahrnstedt

Falling by Simona Ahrnstedt

Alexander de la Grip is known in the tabloids and gossip blogs as a rich, decadent, jet-setting playboy who spends most of his days recovering from the night before. With a string of beautiful conquests, he seems to care about nothing and no one.

Isobel Sørensen has treated patients in refugee camps and war zones, and is about to depart Sweden for a pediatric hospital in Chad. Devoted to her humanitarian work, she cares almost too deeply. Especially when she learns that Alexander is withholding desperately needed funds from her aid foundation.

Is it because she’s the only woman who ever told him to go to hell?

As the two push each other’s boundaries to the breaking point, the truth turns out to be much more complicated. Pain, love, trust, betrayal. Which will triumph when safety is nothing but an empty word?

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of Falling by Simona Ahrnstedt, available July 25, 2017:

Buy at Amazon

Buy at B&N

Buy at iTunes

Buy at IndieBound

Buy at Kobo




[+The Game cover...]

Feb 28 2017 1:30pm

February 2017’s Women’s Fiction Best Bets—Embrace the Love!

What were the best women's fiction novels of February?

If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.
-Maya Angelou

Women’s fiction is about the journey but it’s also about the relationships –with family, friends, children, and that special partner. We're told all our lives to make a difference in someone else's life—by acts of kindness or the hand of friendship and in some cases the embrace of love. These wonderful stories illustration the veracity of that. You can't helped but be charmed, entertained, and touched as these strong women face tough and difficult challenges.

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth

(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

All their lives, Alice Stanhope and her daughter, Zoe, have been a family of two, living quietly in Northern California. Zoe has always struggled with crippling social anxiety and her mother has been her constant and fierce protector. With no family to speak of, and the identity of Zoe’s father shrouded in mystery, their team of two works―until it doesn’t. Until Alice gets sick and needs to fight for her life.

Desperate to find stability for Zoe, Alice reaches out to two women who are practically strangers but who are her only hope: Kate, a nurse, and Sonja, a social worker. As the four of them come together, a chain of events is set into motion and all four of them must confront their sharpest fears and secrets―secrets about abandonment, abuse, estrangement, and the deepest longing for family. Imbued with heart and humor in even the most dismal moments, The Mother’s Promise is an unforgettable novel about the unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters and the new ways in which families are forged.

Strengths: Engaging characters; captivating plot; emotionally moving
Measure of Love:  Dash
Mood: Poignant
Why You Should Read this: This is a story that just pulls you in. Not only are the characters likeable and appealing, their journey is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Wonderful mixture of poignant and uplifting moments.

[Read more...]

Feb 28 2017 12:30pm

First Look: Kresley Cole’s Shadow’s Seduction (February 28, 2017)

Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole

NOTE:  A re-read of Shadow’s Claim is recommended and would help put all the background of this story and the characters fresh in your mind.

Kresley Cole breaks new ground in her Dacian/Immortals After Dark series by writing her first male/male romance, and just like all of her previous stories, she knows how to keep our anticipation high until we are all but crying for their HEA.  I don’t normally reach for a m/m romance, but as a longtime Kresley Cole fan, I had to see how she would deal with this new dynamic.  For those who hesitate to give it a try, I can only say that KC doesn’t disappoint in bringing both the sweet and the sexy to this new exotic pairing.

In the IAD/Dacian world of the Lore, these immortals sometimes spend centuries waiting to find their fated mates. Time and again, we have watched the males search for their females, and try to convince her that they are meant to be.   Demons search for their Lovers, while vampires search for their Brides. Can two males of different species accept their unusual pairing and find the same bond we have come to expect?

Shadow’s Seduction begins just as natural-born vampire Prince Mirceo Daciano is about to turn thirty and be frozen in his immortality.  He will lose his heartbeat and his ability to have sex until his body is reawakened by his fated mate.  But until that time, Mirceo plans to indulge all his hedonistic desires. He has been at the New Rome Pleasure Palace for hours (days? weeks?) indulging in pleasures of the flesh with males and females alike, but never the same partner. His time for pleasures is growing too short to repeat a performance not when there are new delights to be sampled.

[Read more...]

Feb 28 2017 10:15am

Nora Roberts Unveils Year One Cover—and a New Direction

Year One by Nora Roberts

What's the best way to send off the month? With a Nora Roberts cover reveal, of course! Two weeks ago, we shared the book description for Nora Roberts' Year One and it showed a different side of Nora that readers haven't met before. A darker side. Nora is a prolific author and so it comes as no surprise that after years of being in the business that her writing will be evolving.

Nora addressed this shift in her writing when she wrote an open letter about Year One. Here today we have reprinted Nora's letter, with the author's permission, to help explain this transition to readers. 

Nora Roberts on Year One:

A long time ago, on a hilltop far, far away, I started writing category Romance. With two pre-schoolers to run herd on, I fed my appetite for reading with short, satisfying Romances I could gulp down during nap time. So when stuck with said pre-schoolers inside for a week during a blizzard, I began to scribble down one of the stories in my head in a notebook. It was intended to save my sanity, and became a career and a passion.

Writing Harlequin-style Romances was a natural choice as I gobbled them during this time period. I’d grown up reading everything–everyone in my house read everything–but at this particular turn of my road, category Romances comprised the bulk of my reading.

My career roots in Romance spread over the next decade or two. One of the appeals to me was this was a genre that could, and did, include everything. You could, especially when the genre and the market evolved, add elements of mystery, suspense, paranormal, horror, comedy, fantasy. As long as the story contained a core romantic relationship, tied things up with a happy ending, you could rock on.

[Read the rest of Nora Roberts' Letter...]

Feb 28 2017 9:30am

Susan Carroll Excerpt: Disenchanted

Susan Carroll

At the tender age of seventeen, Ella Upton lost her innocence to a traveling minstrel, a youth with flaxen hair and a golden voice whose deep blue eyes concealed his true intentions—until it was too late. Seven years later, Ella’s stepsisters chatter about winning the affections of the dreamy Prince Florian at the royal ball, but Ella has no such illusions. Instead, her dashing best friend, Malcolm Hawkridge, persuades her with his reckless charm and wicked smile to use the occasion to steal back a magic orb from the corrupt king.

But before the clock strikes midnight, Ella finds herself pursued by more than one prince—not to mention Commander Horatio Crushington, who captures her with his piercing gaze from across the crowded ballroom. Dancing through the sudden swirl of suitors, Ella feels her cheeks burning—and not solely because of the orb hidden in her gown. Has the strapping Horatio awakened long-dormant desires or is Ella finally coming to grips with her feelings for Malcolm? Only the girl who thought she’d given up on love can decide.

Get a sneak peek at Susan Carroll's Disenchanted (available March 7, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Chapter 1

Once upon a time . . . That is how a good story should begin or so I have been told. These tales always seem to involve a poor but sweet young maiden who attends a royal ball, falls in love with a charming prince and lives happily ever.

This is not my story. While I am certainly poor enough, no one would ever describe me as sweet and our kingdom’s prince is far from charming. When I did get the chance to go to a ball, my mind was more set on burglary than falling in love and . . . But I am getting ahead of myself.

[Read the full Disenchanted excerpt...]

Feb 28 2017 8:09am

What Did the “Scorched Corset” Get Right and Wrong About Romance?

Back in December, SNL recorded a skit in which customers and employees of a bookstore interacted. The one thing that made it unique is that it was a romance bookstore, “The Scorched Corset”—for those of you scratching your heads, yes, it definitely was a nod to the real romance bookstore, The Ripped Bodice. 

However, this skit has been incredibly polarizing in the romance community. Some really loved it and saw it as a parody, poking fun at the stereotypes of the genre, but largely letting the romance community be in on the joke, too—especially given that it ends with everyone wanting to be making up fun, romantic stories of their own with Carol and Jean George. Others found it offensive. It once again made fun of a genre—largely created for and by women—that, in the eye of the media, is only available as the butt of a joke or female spank bank material. 

The video resurfaced recently when SNL posted it on their YouTube channel, and it has us wanting to hear what you think. What do you think the “Scorched Corset” skit get right about romance? What did it get wrong? Were there any parts that were funny or was it all irredeemable?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Feb 27 2017 4:30pm

Need an Anti-Hero?: Romance News & Deals from Kristen Ashley, Jeffe Kennedy, and More

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

Knight by Kristen Ashley

Deal Alert: Kristen Ashley's first book in her Unfinished Heroes series, Knight, is $1.99 on Amazon | Kobo | iBooks | etc.* Ashley has a way with uncompromising, dirty-talking anti-heroes who make us work for our HEA

Deal Alert: Jeffe Kennedy's fantasy romance The Pages of the Mind, book 1 in the Uncharted Realms series, is $2.99 on Kobo | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Amazon | etc.* This fated mates story is set on a beautiful tropical island filled with treasure, magic, and dragons. Fans of romantic fantasy will get swept away in Kennedy's rich world. 

Deal Alert: Maggie McGinnis' fourth book in her Whisper Creek series, Unlucky in Love, is $.99 on Barnes & Noble | Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | etc.* We don't know whether it's the Stetson, the drawl, or the cocksure manner, but cowboys sure do make great romance heroes. 

[+Roarke's real name & fantasy YA reads]

Feb 27 2017 3:00pm

Are J.D. Robb’s Eve and Roarke the Best Couple in Romance?

Why Eve and Roarke deserve to win the title of 2017's Swoonworthiest Couple!

We're almost to the end of the Swoonies 2017 as our final round is prepared to launch on Monday. In honor of our EPIC Couples Battle, The Swoonies, we asked two of our bloggers to make their case for why our two champions should be crowned The Swoonworthiest Couple! In the final match, which is between J.D. Robb's Eve/Roarke and Penny Reid's Cletus/Jennifer, Lucy Dosch is Team Eve/Roarke. Here she makes her case for why they should win the Swoonies 2017!

(Are you Team Cletus/Jennifer? We've got you covered too!)

Apprentice in Death by JD Robb

What makes them work?

Eve and Roarke both come from brutal beginning. They were raised motherless with a father that abused them physically. They understand the need of the other to become more than what they once were; Eve by becoming a police officer, and Roarke by succeeding in business.  They also understand that sometimes the pain of the past sneaks back up on you no matter how hard you try to outrun it. 

It is not just their brutal beginnings which makes them such a perfect pair.  Roarke might have spent his youth on the wrong side of the law, but to keep ahead of the police, he had to outthink them.  His ability to “think like a cop” allows him to step in with his fancy tech skills and assist his cop in her investigations whenever he can. 

What might be their undoing?

Eve and Roarke have literally walked through blood together but the hardest thing they faced together was Eve’s past.   Once Eve found Roarke, her subconscious finally allowed her to remember her childhood.  Eve was continuously beaten and raped by her father and caused his death during one violent rape.  Hearing how badly Eve was hurt and not being able to do anything about the past, caused a wound in Roarke that he can’t heal since there was no one for him to take it out on.  When, during an investigation, Eve and Roarke found out that Eve’s father was under surveillance and that the government agents were well aware that eight-year-old Eve was continually being raped by her father, Roarke set about finding the men who allowed it to continue so as not to ruin their ultimate goal.   Roarke tracked them all down and had plans of painful revenge upon those who sat back and allowed Eve to be brutalized, but he stopped his plans upon Eve’s pleas.  The cop in Eve couldn’t stand back and allow Roarke to kill in her name, not without destroying all they were building together.  Roarke chose Eve over vengeance, but if he ever tried to go forward with those plans, that would definitely be their undoing.

[Read more...]

Feb 27 2017 2:00pm

Are Penny Reid’s Cletus and Jennifer the Best Couple in Romance?

Why Jennifer and Cletus deserve to win the title of 2017's Swoonworthiest Couple!

We're almost to the end of the Swoonies 2017 as our final round is prepared to launch on Monday. In honor of our EPIC Couples Battle, The Swoonies, we asked two of our bloggers to make their case for why their favorite pair should be crowned The Swoonworthiest Couple! In the final match, which is between Penny Reid's Cletus/Jennifer and J.D. Robb's Eve/Roarke, Jen Wattley is Team Cletus/Jennifer. Here she makes her case for why they should win the Swoonies 2017!

(Are you Team Eve/Roarke? Share your love for them here!)

Beard Science by Penny Reid

What makes them work?

Cletus and Jennifer are an odd, but beautiful pairing. When I started Penny Reid's Winston Brothers series, I didn't think it would be possible for Cletus to get his own book and to be such an utterly charming—albeit odd—hero. But he is! And Jennifer's quirks and the things that she hides behind—the makeup, the dresses, and the banana cakes—all truly compliment Cletus' own oddities. They're truly and deeply a sweet and loving pair.

What might be their undoing?

Cletus' need to always be in control puts him in an awkward situation with Jennifer. He ends up blackmailing Jennifer's horrible father, and takes a major decision out of Jennifer's hands. It leaves her feeling as vulnerable and as awful as her parents' treatment, and always spells their downfall.

[Read more...]

Feb 27 2017 1:00pm

The End of Maya Banks’ KGI Series Draws Closer: Here’s What You Need to Know

Brighter Than the Sun by Maya Banks

After learning that Maya Banks’ KGI series would end with Book 15, we had A Lot of Questions. Turns out, so did you! Luckily, Maya has shared with us the answers to a few of her Most Frequently Asked Questions, including: “Will Rusty get a book?” (If you want to be totally surprised about the future of the series and hate spoilers, stop reading now!) Read on for an inside look at the last five (FIVE!!!) books in the KGI series!

Are Rusty and Sean in Joe’s book, Brighter Than the Sun?

Readers will see a lot of Rusty and Sean in Joe's book, as it’s where their story starts to take shape—the setup for their epic love story begins there. (Yes, you read that right! More on Rusty further down the page…)

Whose book is after Brighter Than the Sun?

Joe's book (Brighter Than the Sun) releases on March 7, 2017, and then Skylar's book will release at the end of this year.

[More answers ahead...]

Feb 27 2017 12:01pm

Scarlett Cole Excerpt: Jordan Reclaimed

Scarlett Cole

Jordan Reclaimed by Scarlett Cole

Jordan Steele’s life began when he was ten. When he was taken from his parents and a house that was never a home. When he met his brothers, the other lost and abandoned boys in his group home. When he learned what friendship and family and love looked like.

Now he’s made good, touring the world with the band he and his brothers formed in that crowded group home. No one but his found family really knows the man under the fame and fortune, the scars he hides behind the rockstar lifestyle. Until he sees her through the windows of the National Ballet, dancing, and suddenly the world doesn’t seem so dark.

Aleksandra Artemov ticks all the ballet boxes. Father a legendary Kirov dancer. Check. Prepping since birth for classical ballet. Check. Compulsive control over the food she eats. Check. Principal dancer at The National Ballet of Canada. Check. But what she craves is freedom.

She craves Jordan.

Everything about him should terrify her. His size, his tattoos, his edge. But he doesn’t. He stirs her very soul. Jordan has nothing but himself to offer her, and he's never been good enough for anyone. Can he figure out how to face his own demons before he loses his light for good?

Get a sneak peek at Scarlett Cole's Jordan Reclaimed (available February 28, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.


If it got any fucking colder, his ass was going to freeze off, hit the sidewalk, and become a special feature in next week’s People magazine.

Jordan Steele, bass guitarist for the metal band Preload, could have worn a hat to protect his ears from the biting freezing temperatures. He could feel frost gathering on his short beard. Since he’d made the decision to undercut his hair on one side of his head, he felt the cold even more acutely. But he embraced the bite of frigid air as the wind chill tested his limits. After all, the cold meant he was home.

[Read the full Jordan Reclaimed excerpt...]

Feb 27 2017 11:00am

8 Books H&H Bloggers Recommend for February 2017

Our reviewers give us the scoop every day on the books they're loving and share their opinions here on Heroes and Heartbreakers. However, each month, we ask them to make a tough decision and recommend the best thing they've read over the last month! It doesn’t have to be a new book, as evidenced below; just something that made the month sparkle a bit more.


Without further ado, here’s the installment for February 2017 (and if you’ve missed any, be sure to check out past recs via the Related Posts section at the bottom of the post):

The Star in the Meadow by Carla Kelly

Darlene Marshall:

My best of for February was The Star in the Meadow (Spanish Brand #4) by Carla Kelly. It feels like it could be the finale of the Spanish Brand series, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's been a long journey with Marco and Paloma in Spanish New Mexico, but a satisfying one. Both protagonists have grown into their new lives and the responsibilities they bear, but eventually all stories come to a conclusion.

Since Marco and Paloma's love story was handled in the first novel we have a secondary love story in this book, between a woman who's been beaten down by life and a man whom no one expected to become a responsible adult. As always with Kelly's books, her protagonists are ordinary people who show what could be extraordinary courage and grace under pressure.

I think that's what I enjoy most about these stories. Some find them too goody-goody, I find them full of characters we'd like to know. If we're fortunate as we go through life, we meet good people, people whose word is their bond, people you can count on when the chips are down. Those are Kelly's characters.

I recommend the Spanish Brand series for romance and historical readers who like out-of-the-ordinary settings, heart-warming stories about good people doing the right thing, and a HEA you can believe in. (Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo)

[Read more...]

Feb 27 2017 9:30am

First Look: Julia London’s Sinful Scottish Laird (February 28, 2017)

Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London

Julia London
Sinful Scottish Laird (The Highland Grooms #2)
HQN Books / February 28, 2017 / $7.99 print, $6.99 digital

Sinful Scottish Laird is the second installment in Julia London’s historical Highland Grooms series but is structured to be comfortably read as a standalone. This sensual, heartfelt, and amusing story brings together a young widow who is determined to live her life on her own terms and a conflicted Scotsman whose former dealings with the English has left a bad taste in his mouth.

Lady Chatwick (Daisy Bristol) dutifully married the man her parents choose for her despite loving another. Though her husband was much older, she grew to care deeply for him, staying faithful and by his side when he contracted an illness that confined him to bed. Having developed an affectionate relationship with him, she was shocked when he told her that she would have to remarry within three years of his death or their son would forfeit his inheritance.

[Read more...]